Providing Training, Education, and Consulting for HIV and HCV Management

Specialized HIV and HCV Resources

HIV and HCV  Medical Resource Development

We create and provide resources on HIV and HCV infection, including topics related to treatment regimens, medication side effects and drug to drug interactions. Contact us to help manage your HIV and HCV infected patients.

HIV and HCV  Training Development Plans

We provide training on treatment and management of HIV and HCV infection in multiple formats tailored to your needs. Contact us to design your next training program.

HIV and HCV Medication Formulary Management

We provide guidance on managing costs related to medications used in HIV and HCV infection to managed care corporations and government agencies. Contact us to help your agency manage HIV and HCV treatment costs.

HIV and HCV Sales, Marketing,  and Scientific Training

We provide training for the pharmaceutical industry and managed care organizations for new sales, marketing, or scientific teams using multiple formats. Contact us for information on meeting the unique training needs of your organization.